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Fiji Mahogany Trust Receives $250K Grant

The Coalition Government is working towards reforming the mahogany industry and ensuring that resource owners’ needs are prioritised.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Forestry this morning signed a grant agreement of $250,000 with the Fiji Mahogany Trust (FMT) to better coordinate the needs of the mahogany landowners and to further enhance their contribution towards the mahogany industry.

The agreement was signed by the Permanent Secretary for Fisheries and Forestry, Mrs Atelaite Rokosuka and FMT Board chairperson, Mr Peceli Tuisawau.

At the signing, Mrs Rokosuka asked the Trust to use the funding appropriately for the benefit of the landowners and to be transparent and accountable.

"This is a milestone achievement for the Ministry, whose responsibility it is to help mahogany resource owners use and manage their forest resources sustainably. In its budget for 2023–2024, the Coalition Government, through the Ministry, has given the Trust $250,000 for management and operations.

"It is time to maintain the industry so that our resource owners’ profit. The age of mismanaging the mahogany business is over,” Mrs Rokosuka said.

“The purpose of the Government Grant under this Agreement is for the coordination of mahogany landowner’s needs and aspirations within the mahogany industry.”

Mahogany was always part of the Ministry of Forestry and governed under the 1992 Forest Act until it was taken away from the Ministry by the previous administration. As one of the recommendations from the National Economic Summit, this has been moved from the Office of the Prime Minister to the Ministry of Forestry.

Mr Tuisawau acknowledged the Coalition Government's assistance and welcomed the support of the Ministry, saying that it would surely advance their strategic objectives.

He assured the Ministry that the Trust would wisely use the grant money and make sure that every landowner has the resources and know-how necessary to better their standard of living using their natural resources.

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