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Villagers pledge land in memory of late kinsmen

To honor their late kinsmen and former employee of the Ministry of Forestry, the late Mr. Sosou Tikomaibolatagane , the village of Togaviti in the district of Vaturova in Cakaudrove,  traditionally handover more than 2000 acres of land for the 30MillionTrees15Years initiative.  

The late Mr. Tikomaibolatagane, worked at the Ministry from 2014 to January this year when he passed away at the Labasa Hospital.

Minister Naiqamu paid tribute to the late Mr Sosou Tikomaibolatagane who is from Togaviti Village saying “I am sure he has left behind a legacy for you all. He had contributed greatly to the 1Million Trees that were planted last year and am sure he would be smiling down from heaven with the step you have taken today in supporting this tree planting initiative.”

The villagers pledged their land during the 30MillionTrees15Years consultation talks facilitated by Minister Naiqamu last Wednesday (18/3/2020).

Mataqali Qoilagi headman Mr Vilikesa Verebalavu, traditionally presented a whalestooth to Minister Naiqamu to officially signify the hand-over of their land for tree planting initiative. 

“Am sure we are all united in supporting this Government’s initiative in planting more trees because we and our future generations will benefit. The 30MillionTrees15Years is a great initiative as trees are a source of life,” Mr Verebalavu said.

He added they will be informing other ‘mataqali’ members who reside in the urban centres of the traditional undertaking that transpired today (Wednesday (18/3/2020).

Minister Naiqamu directed the Assistance Roko-Tui Cakaudrove Mr Ropate Ramacake to receive the whalestooth indicating the provincial council office – which also represents the ‘vanua’ would safely record what had transpired today (Wednesday (18/3/2020).

“This is a milestone achievement for my Ministry as this is the first village to have traditionally given us their land soon after our consultation,” Minister Naiqamu said.

“My Ministry will ensure that we plant as many trees as possible for the benefit of villagers and for the future generations yet to come.”

Minister Naiqamu said what transpired today (Wednesday (18/3/2020) shows how much faith villagers have in the Ministry and he ensured that more trees will be planted on the ground in the next few weeks.

Tree planting in Togaviti Village would begin once the Covid19 gathering ban has been lifted.

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